chad pinckney - vocals
zach anderson - guitar
dan bump - guitar
tyler osbourne - drums
walt hill - bass

the wilderness have come a long way since their initial inception in 2008.

founder zach anderson found himself gaining much attention for the instrumental music he had recorded, a full band was formed in 2008. they recorded their debut e.p. 'everything is golden' in early 2009 and were quickly snatched up by sound vs. silence records. they hit the road doing a northwest u.s. tour in march of 2009. the gears are in motion for a future release as they continue to write and hone their craft.

the future is a bright one. the wilderness is on fire.

latest svss release: everything is golden ep

1. sleeping with vultures now playing
2. anchors and uppers
3. smoke signals
4. guide me
5. allure

release date: july 2009
format: cd ep & digital
running time:
catalog no.:
band website:
current status: active
press enquiries:

download album cover: 300dpi print | 72dpi web
download promo band photo: 300dpi print | 72dpi web
download one-sheet: pdf | jpg

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