tyler lusk - vocals, bass, keyboards and programming
alonso sariana - drums
dago marino - bass

the hotness started in may 2005 with tyler lusk having an idea to start a band that was just drums, keyboards, and vocals that sounded dancey like the faint, aggressive like refused, and partied like andrew wk. when lusk couldn’t find anyone to start the project with he bought a drum machine and got a couple of keyboards together, then enlisted his best friend aaron bellessa to help get the project going.

after making a lot of noise they managed to write 6 songs they were happy with, then lusk tricked bellessa into playing his first show ever. during the first 30 seconds of the 1st show the hotness had p.a. system troubles, spilled water every where, but most importantly got the crowd moving. aaron bellessa left in april of 2006 to take a job up in washington and was replaced by eric boam.

the hotness have recently played shows with touring bands, murder by death, the start, the lovemakers, thunder birds are now, say hi to your mom, the dead 60s, the black maria, lady killers, the high violets, girls rise with heat, polarized mind, and the rock and roll soldiers. they have also gotten to play with some amazing local bands including her candane, i’am the ocean, the heaters, the breaks, agape, the red rockets, taught me, blackhole, the horns, neon trees, and adonis.

the hotness released their debut full length album on sound vs silence in october of 2006. the hotness did a summer northwest tour in the summer of 2007.

the hotness second full length album we clear rooms better then fires was released in 2008, and in 2009 they did another northwest tour.

the hotness has a full band for the live shows and the members are made up of some of salt lake's finest, the live shows are dangerous, intense and very fun.

latest svss release: shelter dogs (cd 2011)

1. free them all tegan
2. bleach
3. wow it's hot here
4. sadie hawkins & stds
5. i think i'm drunk
6. dago's hot
7. alonso stole my wallet
8. shelter dogs now playing

release date: 2011
format: free zip download
running time: 20 mins
catalog no.: n/a
band website: www.myspace.com/thehotnessband
current status: active
press enquiries: press@soundvssilence.com

download album cover: 300dpi print | 72dpi web
download band promo photo: 300dpi print | 72dpi web
download one-sheet: pdf | jpg

other releases by the hotness available from the svss webstore:

we clear rooms better than fires (cd)

1. slobber on the dash
2. extort this!
3. end zone not friend zone
4. smoke 'em if you got 'em
5. eighteen with an attitude
6. five deep no sleep
7. i'm creepy so what
8. one night with veronica
9. what gear should i floss?
10. pending friend request

fashion over comfort (cd)

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