jonathon cooper - bass
josh white - guitar
jonathan webster - drums
jon green - vocals

despite the negative connotation of the word, isolation can be a beautiful thing. twelve gauge valentine are from little towns near monroe in louisiana, just a little bit south of the arkansas border. "we dont have any bands around here and there isn't too much to do for fun, except play music," explains bass player jonathon cooper, one of the three jons in the band (the fourth guy also has a name that starts with "j").

boredom gave birth to creative fire, with the louisiana boys' laid-back attitude giving way itself to a full-time, full-on band with something unique to say.

"(guitarist) josh (white) and i have been in bands together since we were kids," cooper continues. "we picked up [drummer] jonathan [webster] along the way, and we got jon [green] in the band just as he was starting to get interested in being a singer."

the guys played screamo under a different name before shifting gears into a decidedly heavy metal infused brand of hardcore. "twelve gauge valentine was the most cliche hardcore name we could come up with because we weren't expecting to pursue anything," cooper laughs. "and then the name stuck."

the band found their way on the buzzed-about exclamationaire ep, hashing out and exploring what would become their musical identity as they developed into the rock n' roll monster with a brutal underbelly they are today.

latest svss release: exclamationaire ep

1. this may be our last picture show
2. an iceberg waiting on the titanic
3. limbo of the lost
4. you're no daisy at all
5. the greylord operation

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