founded in 2003, sound vs silence records is a completely self-funded label started by four friends in salt lake city, utah.

with burgeoning successes, we've now expanded our operations with our primary office now being based in seattle, wa. and satellite offices in utah and also across the pond in england.

as an independent collective we have no direct ties to corporate rock and that's just fine with us. we expect nothing but gigantic things for our artists in the upcoming months and each and every upcoming svss release will be the one you've waited anxiously for.

we have many wonderful projects in the works and we're always looking out for new artists. so put together a press kit and send one our way. remember, the more information the better.

if you have any questions that aren't answered on our site then please feel free to personally contact us through the contact page on this here site.

please check out our artists. we appreciate your support.


























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