named as one of the best vocalists of all time (mojo magazine), shawn smith has had an incredibly long, diverse and highly respected musical career thus far. shawn has been quite busy for the last 19 years fronting such bands as the jazz-infused rock of satchel, the soulfulness of brad (w/pearl jam’s stone gossard) and the electro funk sounds of pigeonhed. he was also a founding member of the twilight singers with greg dulli, (afghan whigs, the gutter twins) who described shawn as, “seattle’s best kept secret.”

shawn smith–“the diamond hand” - from the funky guitar lines (at war) to the most delicate piano ballad (original hymn) it's not high-voltage rock'n'roll, but if brad's charms have won you over in the past, you'll be floored-a glorious chill-out session for the discerning rocker. - 8/10 sian llewellyn, classic rock magazine, june 2008

the diamond hand is shawn’s finest collection to date. his often-delicate vocals give way to powerful rock ballads; which in turn give way to stomping gospel-tinged choruses. if gnarls barkley, prince, and marvin gaye, some how created a kid, it would be weird, but it would be shawn smith.

latest svss release: the diamond hand

1. here come the holy rollers
2. ring that bell now playing
3. at war
4. losing home
5. the congregation
6. another way to fly
7. toss it in the fire
8. breathe in
9. original hymn
10. back to me
11. the white queen
12. for everyone to see

release date: april 2008
format: cd album & digital
running time:
catalog no.: svss-012/gr-001
band website:
current status: active
press enquiries:

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