stephan hawkes - guitars & drums
austin crook - bass

shelter red has been striking terror in portland, oregon since 2003.samt is the follow up to 2007’s mind-blowing debut release, “masters of the universe,” as well as the 2nd release on sound vs. silence records. with a sound being described as quite technical, metal, and completely original, shelter red doesn’t look to fit into any genre or style and doesn’t plan on conforming to any of the masses. while most instrumental albums usually seem to have a bit of a lull in them, sr seems to avoid that pitfall and actually relish in the fact that they don’t need voices to make phenomenal music. they have built a fan base from the ground up, which started in portland and has worked its way nation wide, through talent, touring, and an astonishing live show. 2009 is shelter red’s year to break out and there is no doubt that “strike a mortal terror” is the perfect way to get it started.
for fans of don caballero, isis, tristeza, and botch

latest svss release: strike a mortal terror

1. strike a mortal terror now playing
2. inferno
3. this is a lost ambition
4. the moralist
5. dejanira
6. a confusion of tongues
7. last rites for the dying

release date: march 2009
format: cd album & digital
running time:
catalog no.:
official website:
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download album cover: 300dpi print | 72dpi web
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