tyler coffey - guitar/vocals
jusin cronk
- drums
brian pake
- bass/vocals
matthew shaw
- vocals/guitar

seattle’s with friends like these is matthew shaw from city light, tyler coffey, brian pake from spook the horse and justin cronk from vendetta red.

this band is the real deal. with cronk’s super tight drumming and the three-tiered vocals of shaw, coffey and pake, they infect every stage and venue with an intensely-toned wail of volume-enhanced rock. twin guitar bound and fugazi born, you will hear no wasted space. more than once these seattle boys have also been compared to both jawbox and jawbreaker - and those aren't names you just throw around. working out of their bunker studio called the toy box to record, the band are constantly laying down new material and building their sound.

with friends like these is currently booking an extensive north american and european tour to push their debut album ‘dead and gone’, an intelligent collection of highly introspective and melodic songs, which will be released by sound vs silence in november of 2009.

latest svss release: dead & gone

1. the ones we used to love now playing
2. run & hide
3. fatal mistakes
4. new york
5. dead & gone
6. clean break
7. circa ‘98
8. making eyes
9. king of california
10. we ’re coming home

release date: november 2009
format: cd album & digital
running time: 33 minutes
catalog no.: svss-21/gr-007
band website: www.myspace.com/wflt
current status: active
press enquiries: press@soundvssilence.com

download album cover: 300dpi print | 72dpi web

download promo band photo: 300dpi print | 72dpi web

download one-sheet: pdf | jpg

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