tate mccallum-law: vocals, guitar
wesley johnson: guitar
chase griffis: bass
bryan lee: drums

the lionelle formed in early 2006 when tate mccallum-law assembled six of his favorite musicians from the salt lake area to create music with an eerie vibe. the lineup eventually whittled down to just mccallum-law and drummer ryan thatcher, but it was while the lionelle existed as a two-piece that their unique sound began to be fully realized. as a two-piece, the lionelle released oh! the little bee! ep! , a collection of acoustic songs held together by mccallum-law's unique vocal style, thatcher's far-from-standard drumming and plenty of studio effects and layering that add to the vaguely dark ambience. shortly after the release of the lionelle's ep, original members wes johnson and jeff adams were brought back into the fold, and the lionelle's sound got nice and loud.

the full-length oh! the company that we keep! was released in december of 2007. drummer ryan thatcher was replaced with dear friend jackson hoage (darlin’ broads) for a few shows until permanent drummer sheyn love decided to join full-time. tate and sheyn used to play in the pop-rock band allred together, so when tate asked sheyn to come jam- he really didn’t expect him to have any sort of interest in “dissonant and pretentious indie rock”. luckily, he said yes. and the upcoming ep shipwreck came together.

in october of 2008, tate was on his vespa when he was almost killed by a drunk driver. shattering his pelvis, and left wrist left him unable to play guitar for 4 months. confined to a wheel chair, tate began to re-write a lot of his lyrics for the upcoming record, mostly crooning of his near-death experience.

“it’s been actually really positive. in a weird, fucked up way.” tate says. “i’m in a much better place, mentally and spiritually. i look forward to releasing this record for more than the obvious reasons. it’s definitely been a great lyrical outlet for me after my accident”.

shipwreck will be released on sound vs silence in spring of 2010.

latest svss release: oh! the company that we keep!

1. a monster
2. riversides
3. bedridden
4. girls, volcanic now playing
5. oh! the company
6. black ravines
7. little bee
8. fleet
9. setting sun
10. in hopes to be found

release date: december 2007
format: cd album & digital
running time:
catalog no.: n/a
band website: www.myspace.com/thelionelle
current status: active
press enquiries: press@soundvssilence.com

download album cover: 300dpi print | 72dpi web
download band promo photo: 300dpi print | 72dpi web
download one-sheet: pdf | jpg















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