shelter dogs by the hotness (free download)

this is dedicated to all the wonderful animals that have spent any amount of time in a shelter. it’s also dedicated to all the amazing volunteers who try to help these animals while they are there. many of these animals don’t make it out of the shelter and get put down. sadly for some the shelter is the best life they have known. i hope that we can treat our furry friends a little better in future.

1. free them all tegan
2. bleach
3. wow it's hot here
4. sadie hawkins & stds
5. i think i'm drunk
6. dago's hot
7. alonso stole my wallet
8. shelter dogs now playing

all songs written, arranged and produced by tyler lusk
recorded, mixed and mastered by andy patterson
art direction by eric boam
pictures by melissa cohen

here's some free music. i only request that if you have a little extra time or money you will donate it to your local animal shelter or an animal rescue group you like. if you don’t know of one to donate to then the american humane association is a great one that focuses on children and animals. i’m sure if you look around though you can find one close to you.

thanks to the following people:
justine, tegan (truly the greatest dog in the world), aaron, eric, alonso, ryan, dago, andy, sheyn, tate, chase, melissa, mike, abe, jeff, kaci and bar deluxe, will and kilby / urban, city weekly, slug, and to all the great bands we get to share the stage with.

the dogs that are pictured and that you hear on a few of the songs are dogs at the humane society of utah.


release date: september 2011
format: mp3 - free zip download
running time: 20 mins
catalog no.: n/a
band website:
current status: active
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