12.14.09 - online store offers

just a heads up to let you know we've got some greatcd/t-shirt merch deals going on at our online store right now including a new with friends like these bundle offer. check it out!

11.26.09 - thanksgiving

we'd like to give thanks to everyone who came to the with friends like these show tonight and donated to the seattle food bank. reports coming soon...

happy and safe holidays from the svss team.


11.25.09 - with friends like these debut cd out now!!

go grab the album from our webstore and don't forget to head down to the crocodile, seattle tonight and help celebrate this awesome record.


11.22.09 - the wilderness music video

the wilderness are in the final editing process for their new video. we'll have it here asap.


11.17.09 - with friends like these album release party

head down to the crocodile, seattle on the 25th november to celebrate the release of dead & gone, the new album from with friends like these. door $10 (buy tickets). 8pm. 21 & over. with patrol, palmer electric & ships. further details here.

grab an a4, 300dpi version of this flyer here.


we have a new mailing address for our seattle office:

po box 17510
wa 98127


quick update...the label is currently based in seattle, as well as salt lake city. it has been for awhile now (2 years), but are just getting around to posting it. we have some very cool things in the works right now and have been hard at work, but we will have an updated new and improved site within the next month.


attention musicians...

our boys at the toy box run a ridiculously top-notch studio in seattle that offers everything and anything you need. if you live in the area, or nowhere near seattle, it would be worth your time to check it out.


head down to the high dive on sunday, sept. 6th at 9:00 and check out with friends like these and shawn's band all hail the crown. it's a big birthday celebration for our buddy matt, who's band big splash champion, will also be playing. no school on monday, so come hang out.


the label has recently become a huuuuge fan of entertonement. using easily customizable artist pages, custom players, and apis that plug into all the "hip" social media sites, we are able to post songs for you guys with any look and feel we want. entertonement makes it easy for your favorite shawn smith track to be embedded on anyone’s web site or sent directly to someone ’s cell phone as a ringtone.


the with friends like these record dead & gone is now up on itunes so go pick it up. the physical copy of the record will be available in november.

make sure to tune in to 107.7 the end tonight in seattle or stream the station here; our boys will be getting some well-deserved airtime between 9-10 pm. let us know what you think!!


shawn's track 'toss it in the fire' from 'the diamond hand' is featured on the front page of entertonement. cool new site that is based out of our hometown of seattle that allows users to hear thousands of sound bites for free. actually, just go check it out yourself because i'm not doing the site justice. entertonement will have a page for our label and our other artists as well.


word spreads fast when it comes to a band like satchel. as most of you know already, shawn and the boys have reunited and spent a couple days in the studio cutting some new tracks. according to shawn, there will be a new satchel album recorded in the next few months. there are some shows in the works right now, but nothing is set is stone. as always, as more information comes in, we will let you know.


tons of new shows have been added to the discourse myspace page. these 3 fellas put on one heck of a live show and you'll kick yourself if you miss your chance to see them play. their ep is available on itunes so go get it.


the cd release show for the wilderness was a huge success! thank you kilby court and thank you fans!

their summer tour schedule is on their myspace page so check 'em out and show the boys some love. (side note) heard that lucky from the hotness was on point as usual!

with friends like these album artwork is coming along nicely. can't wait for you guys to get a look. our guy mike in the uk is working his magic as usual. more importantly, we can't wait until you hear the record. ridiculously good!


after the whole name change situation, the time has finally arrived...july 14 is the official release date for the wilderness ep and can be picked up at the svss webstore.

it may take us a couple weeks before you can pick it up on itunes, but hard copies are way cooler to own anyway. the artwork looks unbelievably cool, and the music speaks for itself...trust us!!


happy 4th...in 2 days. here is a review of seattle's own with friends like these. you can see why us here at svss headquarters are ecstatic about our newest family members.

"melodic-yet-intense post-punk that’s reminiscent of jawbreaker, jawbox, and braid (i.e., the good emo). i caught one of the trio’s first gigs, an opening set at the crocodile several months back; they were exceptionally tight, powerful, and anthemic, heavy with angular chord work and bulging neck veins." michael alan goldberg @ seattle weekly

record out very soon, merch out sooner, and shows even sooner than that!!


tons of you out there will be pleased to know that shawn smith has started twittering. make sure and start following shawn right here.

in fact, make sure and follow all svss artists on twitter including: discourse & the wilderness.


after a few small issues, the band formerly known as the meadows is now known as the wilderness.

the name sounds a bit peaceful and serene, but the music will kick you in the crotch. here is a look at the cover of their finished ep "everything is golden," which will be released within the next few weeks.


svss has just entered 2009 and finally got around to creating a twitter account for the label. we'll keep you updated on all things shawn smith, shelter red, discourse, the lionelle, etc.
click away -sound vs. silence twitter


killer deals, new merch -summer of '09 is in full effect! buy all 4 of shawn's re-issues for $30


'everything is golden' from the wilderness has been pushed back from its originally scheduled release date of june 3rd. we apologize for the inconvenience, but don't fret, it shouldn't be any later than the end of june. as soon as we have the new release date, we'll let you know. it will be worth the wait.


the svss family cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are to mike. not only did he create and run shawn smith's website (shawnsmith.co.uk) for over 10 years, he has been our right hand man. he has spent countless hours designing artwork for us, hooking up tour dates, answering our dumb questions, and overall, just being a genuinely nice dude. this little ode to uk mike will not do him the justice he deserves, but we love ya & hopefully it will allow us to continue with our dumb questions.

our buddy jesse has graciously offered his services to run a shawn smith website, and we think it looks phenomenal!!


-- below is a blog entry from discourse --

hey everyone! we finally got the footage from the video we shot from momumo.com. this is a live performance video of our song "reboot" from our debut ep. we rolled into kilby court at 8 am and it was a cold, cold day in december. i could see my breath when i was singing! after a few hurdles, we shot it all in one take and we are pretty happy with the outcome! click reboot to see the video.


welcome to the family...svss/gator records could not be more ecstatic to welcome 3 more incredibly talented and diverse bands to the family!! discourse ,the wilderness, and the lionelle are scheduled to release all new material before the end of the year beginning with "everything is golden" by the wilderness on june 3rd. be sure to either pick up the album on itunes, at a show, or online at sound vs. silence webstore

it's a bit difficult to describe how different each band is so go on and take a listen by clicking the above links. we also have some cool new t-shirt designs on the way. stay tuned...


upcoming tour dates for meadows, shelter red, and discourse have all been updated on the tour page. check 'em. tons more to come including shawn smith, the lionelle and the hotness.

summer of '09 is about to go off...


shawn will be collaborating at tost in seattle on april 17th with joey veneziani. shawn and tfg will be playing some new material. all the horses men is a little taste of what you will hear. he also mentioned that he might be playing some older pigeonhed. let's hope this happens!!

also, shawn's band, all hail the crown will be playing at the high dive in fremont on may 9th.


shelter red will be on the road this june-august in support of their superb new album 'strike a mortal terror'. check out a review of the album, but more importantly go support the boys on their west coast summer tour.


'live at the point' is here!

after years of being out of print, it is now available with brand new artwork. the show was recorded on september 30, 1999 in conshohocken, pa. usa. pick it up right here!

1. my very best
2. someday
3. not too late
4. let it all begin
5. sometimes it snows in april
6. a little heart
7. screen
8. on the banks
9. the day brings
10. buttercup
11. suffering


shelter red's sophomore album, 'strike a mortal terror', will officially be released february 3rd.

svss could not be more pumped for you guys to listen to another masterpiece from one of the finest and most underrated bands around. prepare to be blown away by clicking right here sound vs. silence webstore.


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