ok, finally! the following svss releases are now available at itunes (in itunes plus format):

svss-010: shelter red - 'masters of the universe'
svss-009: an airbag saved my life - 'phantazma! phantazma!'
svss-006: the hotness - 'fashion over comfort'
svss-004: twelve gauge valentine - 'exclamationaire'
svss-003: her candane - '...could be nothing to some'

the artwork for these albums will be updated in itunes very soon. additional releases and further info to follow.


svss artists are now up on itunes!! you can now pick up our releases without leaving your couch! an airbag saved my life, twelve gauge valentine, the hotness, shelter red, and her candane are all available with a click of the mouse.


just a friendly reminder: you can purchase our music from the fine folks over at smartpunk. we have finally added an airbag saved my life, shelter red, and the hotness to the items available there.


hello there...some news for y'all:

the artwork/layout is currently in "full production mode" for the upcoming full-length cd, "half horse, half gator, and a touch of the earthquake" by an airbag saved my life. the band has just finished a 45 day tour, and will be taking a few weeks off to recover.

plans for a tour in november/december 2007 are in the works. stay tuned for dates as soon as they are confirmed.

also, after a very long wait we are proud to announce the first upcoming release by the quick & dead, danny vesper's new project. we will start by releasing a cd single near the end of the year, and follow up early in 2008 with the full-length!


the hotness are preparing for a west coast mini-summer tour, scheduled to start next week and hit seattle, portland, and san francisco. dates are posted on the tour page.
we have added youth sized shelter red t-shirts to our store. get one for your little one (or your little nephew, or whatever.) we have also re-stocked the mediums, since they have sold so quickly.
we have also updated her candane and an airbag saved my life tourdates. check 'em.


new tour dates for an airbag saved my life posted today. more dates for more of our bands soon.


we have posted a new shelter red track on our myspace player. the song is track #2 on the masters of the universe cd.

also, for those of you that pre-ordered the album, your packages either shipped today or they will go out tomorrow. we had an overwhelming response, and we appreciate you all.


it's finally here! it's in our grubby little hands and we want you to hear it:

the debut full-length release by shelter red, titled 'masters of the universe'. with nothing but positive reviews thus far, we expect plenty more to come. this is an amazing release, and features 11 of our favorite songs...buy a shirt too!


the boys in an airbag saved my life were lucky enough to get a chance to play a private birthday party for a dude named ryan in bloomington, il a couple weeks ago. it's pretty damn cool for a couple reasons:

1. the upcoming full-length cd by aasml features a track titled 'private party'. it rocks.
2. the boys have posted a new video on their myspace - featuring footage from the show.


oh yeah. the shelter red record is coming together in a most excellent way. we viewed the proofs today, there are a couple minor adjustments, and we'll be sending the inserts to the printer very soon.

buy a shelter red t-shirt (or limited-edition work shirt) now by clicking here. also, we've set up a great pre-order deal for the "masters of the universe" cd. purchase the album before july 15th, and receive the following for free: sound vs silence t-shirt, 4 shelter red buttons, and twosvss buttons. that, my friends, is a deal!

an airbag saved my life are on tour through early august. to celebrate this tour, and to prepare you for the upcoming full-length, "half horse, half gator and a touch of the earthquake," we are offering the band's newest shirt - the american apparel v-neck gator shirt - for a killer price this month. also, we'll have a few limited edition tour passes available in early august. go see the band when you can, as they will be playing selections from the new record all summer, as well as all your favorites from "phantazma! phantazma!"

other exciting news - we have 10 tracks that will soon be the debut cd by quick & dead, the new project from danny vesper. yes, we have been talking to danny about a release for at least six years now, and yes, this time it's true. we'll be sending the record off for mastering very soon, and we'll keep you posted on the progress.

for those of you who would like to hear some danny v tracks, we suggest picking up one of the last few sound vs silence :: volume: 1 cds. we just found a few, and we're selling them cheap. thanks. rock.


just arrived: an airbag saved my life "phantazma" buttons!

an airbag saved my life are on tour. check out dates on our tour page here, the band's myspace page, and the sound vs silence myspace page.

we have finally decided and agreed upon a final mix for the upcoming cd by an airbag saved my life, titled "half horse, half gator, and a touch of the earthquake." the 10 tracks will be sent off for mastering early next week, and we'll be dialing in the artwork soon. although we don't have an official release date for it yet, we'll keep you posted - and we'll give you the first chance to pick up the album once it has been sent to press.


you know, you really should catch the boys of an airbag saved my life while they are on tour this month. it might just be the last time you did what was right...without second guessing yourself.
props to the crew over at the end records for selling the airbag disc, as well as other svss releases.


as many of you have noticed, the pre-orders for the new shelter red disc include tons of freebies. order a cd today, and we'll throw in 4 band buttons, 2 svss buttons, and a free svss t-shirt! the new shetler red cd, titled "masters of the universe" should be back from the plant in time for the band's upcoming show july 20th.
also, check out the 2 new t-shirts for an airbag saved my life!


cheers to our boy collin! check out his site: greenleaf sounds.


twelve gauge valentine played tooth & nail day at cornerstone yesterday. for those of you that made it, we're jealous.

the first tour dates for an airbag saved my life have been posted on the band's myspace and on this page. more dates as they are confirmed.

shelter red will be playing a show on july 20th in portland. be sure you make it, and pick up the new disc, 'masters of the universe'.


for a limited time, we have put the twelve gauge valentine 'exclamationaire' cd and an airbag saved my life's 'phantazma! phantazma!' cd on sale. now, both are only $7 (postage paid).
buy 'exclamationaire' here. buy 'phantazma! phantazma!' here


hey, just a note to say thank you to all of you who have started ordering goods from our new online store. glad you are enjoying our ever-expanding selection! we have added new svss buttons to our store today.

also, we have sent off the shelter red "masters of the universe" cd to the pressing plant. we are currently taking pre-orders for this cd. the disc will ship no later than july 15. for those of you who order before july 15, you will get the new cd, plus stickers, buttons, and a free svss tshirt for ordering now. check it out! buy it now!

her candane are on tour. we will be posting tour dates very soon. an airbag saved my life are on tour starting july 1st. dates coming soon.


ooooohhhhhh....new svss shirts!


finally! the svss hoodies have arrived! get yours now, before they sell out and we make you wait way too long for another chance to buy one!

twelve gauge valentine just wrapped up the “war wagon tour” with vanna, bloodjinn, and the silent escape. after a performance at cornerstone, the band has 2 weeks scheduled with destroy the runner, bloodlined calligraphy, and endwell coming up next. after this trip, the band is talking about taking some time off to write a new album. the boys have had a few line-up changes, and are a solid 5-piece again. the new album is going to be amazing!

we have added shelter red t-shirts to our store. more news on the upcoming "masters of the universe" cd very very soon.

who's into vinyl? how about colored vinyl? sound vs silence is pressing a limited edition lp release in four limited colors for one of our favorite virginia beach bands...we'll let you know what we've got up our sleeve as soon as the test pressings arrive.


in a few days, we'll finally have the svss hoodies available for purchase in our store. it's been 3 years, and you've been waiting patiently...


shelter red's album, masters of the universe is coming very very soon. you'll cry when you hear it for the first time. trust us. it's amazing. (those of you in portland, oregon - check the band out tomorrow night!)

we have added some new sound vs silence magnets to our online store. check 'em out.
last but not least: sound vs silence vinyl? most definitely. coming soon...


an airbag saved my life just played a few shows in iowa - one with the mighty gaza. before the local shows, aasml did 21 days with twelve gauge valentine on the search for the true guitar hero tour.

dates are being finalized right now for a short outing with write this down for early june. (some dates posted in the tours section here).

in other airbag news, the boys came out to salt lake city and recorded their upcoming sound vs silence full-length with andy patterson in march. jon from gaza came in and threw down some vocals on one track, and billy johnson (her candane, fear before the march of flames) laid down some excellent guitar tracks too. we're finalizing the mix now, and the boys are working out details on a few months worth of shows to support the new album following it's release this summer. more on the upcoming album and more tour dates soon.


we have just received 4 new shelter red buttons. check out the svss store to get yours now.
shelter red's debut full-length on sound vs silence is coming soon. the album is called masters of the universe. stability is key, 'cuz the soundwave from this record will reverberate for thousands and thousands of miles.


twelve gauge valentine are wrapping up the tour with from autumn to ashes and haste the day on may 5th, and will be hitting the road on the warwagon tour with vanna, bloodjinn, and the silent escape for most of may and june. we've posted a few of the upcoming dates...more coming soon.

buy twelve gauge valentine's debut cd, exclamationaire now at the svss web store.


her candane have just returned home after a bunch of california/utah dates with mikoto. the herc will be in salt lake city honing a few new songs until they hit the road in june with nevea tears. tour dates posted on our tour dates page.

if you don't have the hc disc that started it all, hit the svss web store now and pick up a copy.


the twelve gauge valentine / an airbag saved my life tour is going great! playing iowa city, ia tonight, and rocking on from there...

we have added some limited edition sound vs silence logo magnets to our online store. for a short time (or until they are gone) they will only be $1.00! go buy one now.

thanks again to everyone who has been in touch recently. let's keep talkin'!


the search for the true guitar hero tour with twelve gauge valentine and an airbag saved my life starts today in fayetteville, arkansas. dates are posted here, and on the band's myspace pages. make sure you try to check a show out and buy sound vs silence releases from each band! (plus, you can try your hand at playing guitar hero against one of the band members, and enter to win your own copy of the game.)

we're working on the artwork for shelter red's upcoming full-length, "masters of the universe" (svss-010) now...hopefully we'll have it figured out in a few days and the disc will go to press. more on that soon.

the hotness are playing a show at the broken record on march 31st with xur and loom. be there.


hello there.

an airbag saved my life have just released svss-009 : a 7 song cd called "phantazma! phantazma!" the release date of this disc is april 17, 2007 but the band will have the disc available for sale at their homecoming show tomorrow - friday, march 16 - at the pella memorial building in pella, ia. also look for the disc on the merch table on the upcoming search for the true guitar hero tour featuring twelve gauge valentine and an airbag saved my life. if you won't make it to the upcoming shows, you can always buy the disc directly from the sound vs silence online store, or purchase the digital version of the record one track at a time through the snocap store on airbag's myspace.

an airbag saved my life just finished recording a full-length record for us as well. studio master andy patterson has outdone himself again. the full-length will be mixed, mastered, and released in a few months.

her candane remain on tour. we'll post new dates as they confirm. dreu candane threw me a message a couple days ago...said they were able to make a 40 pack of 40's...congrats on making the big book of world records boys. hope your hangovers subside sometime soon...

we are working dilligently to finalize the shelter red artwork for their upcoming sound vs silence debut record, titled "masters of the universe" (svss-010). the band has two shows booked currently. check 'em out on myspace. shirts and stickers coming soon as well.
shows and other pages on this site will be updated soon. thanks.


slowly but surely...burnlounge has ingested 4 of our releases into their catalog...if you know someone with a burnlounge store, go buy some sound vs silence tunes from them. if you don't know anyone with a burnlounge store, check out ours: www.burnlounge.com/soundvssilence.

we will make sure they get the rest of our music up there soon, and we'll keep you posted when it happens.


we have added some new shows to our "tour dates" page.

an airbag saved my life is playing a couple shows on the way out to salt lake city this week. one is a show in kansas, the other is a house show at mike from loom's place. the house show will be $2, and you'll get a chance to check out airbag before they hunker down in the studio with andy patterson to work on the band's upcoming full-length.

also, twelve gauge valentine will be playing some dates with haste the day, from autumn to ashes, and alesana in april and may. dates have been added to this site.


svss proudly announces a new addition to the family!

we have signed an airbag saved my life. the band is from iowa. band bio and more information coming soon. (we have added them to the band roster page - check out the cute band photo). we will be reissuing a remixed and remastered version of airbag's debut recording, "phantazma! phantazma!".

the band will have the new version of the cd just in time for their tour with twelve gauge valentine march 23rd - april 15th. tour dates posted here soon.

the "phantazma! phantazma!" release date will be april 17, 2007. look for it on cd and in digital formats.


check out the new tours! new dates from: her candane, twelve gauge valentine, the hotness, and our newest addition to the svss family; shelter red.

that's right, we would proudly like to welcome portland, oregon's shelter red to the family.


the salt lake city weekly is accepting your vote for the best of 2006. click here to fill out a ballot, and don't forget to vote for art of kanly!

twelve gauge valentine are finalizing a tour for the month of february. they will be out for most of the month headlining the tour with once nothing and gwen stacy.

one of portland, oregon's finest bands, shelter red, have signed with sound vs silence! the first record on svss will be called "masters of the universe." it has been re-mastered by jason livermore (rise against, lemonheads).

tons more soon!


we've got a little more info for y'all:

the beginning of the release schedule for 2007 is as follows...

svss-07 : the hi.fi.massacre "disarm the humans" (digital release)
svss-08 : the hi.fi.massacre "live at the lo-fi (+1)" (digital release/limited cd)

there's actually talk about possibly getting the band together to do a final celebratory show for these releases...keep your fingers crossed and we'll do all we can to make it happen!

josh, jarom, and mike from the hi.fi.massacre are playing in a new band called loom now, also featuring john finnegan (the new transit direction). look for them to start playing shows around salt lake city - they just played kilby court last week.kory (and josh, i think) from hi.fi is/are also in michigan and xur...who i believe will be releasing a split cd on another local label sometime early this year.


today her candane hit the road to do 3 weeks with i am the ocean (featuring former hc member kellen dopp) and love me destroyer. virgil at suburban home records gave the boys a mention on the shr website today too.


ok...time to get crackin'. it's 2007 and svss is thinking it's time to get serious! our new year's resolution: coagulate. yep, that's what it's time to do.

as of today, we patiently await the return of a recording contract from an amazing band in the northwest. when it arrives, we'll fill you in on the details.

we're trying to track down danny vesper and see if he's ready to release the first quick & dead disc yet...we thought he was getting close, but now he's gone back into hiding (aka: the studio) for more yet-to-be released genius-to-tape sessions. as of now, he has written about 40 tracks for us to dig through for the debut full-length, and they are all amazing. also, it sounds like the band danny plays bass in, shelby are planning on recording a new album starting now.

finally, we're writing up a contract for the best band to come out of iowa in a damn long time. more on that soon too. plan on a record that will most likely be recorded with andy patterson (her candane, art of kanly, still breaking hearts, the hotness) here in salt lake city.

what else? those of you with pcs should go buy the digital version of "shock value" by twelve gauge valentine at the svss burnlounge store. go ahead. it's worth it.

we're excited to send you to itunes to buy the new her candane record, even though we didn't get to put our name on the back - search for her candane on itunes.

finally, thanks to everyone who has sent us music, messages, input, etc. it all helps, and we appreciate the communication! keep it up! more news soon. there's lots to be excited about... well, it appears to be holiday time, y’all. hopefully the season is keeping you all smiling and spreading holiday cheer (or whatever you want to call it.) here are some updates – sorry for the delay in getting this information to you.



happy new year!


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