happy holidays!

we here at svss headquarters wish you all the best. hopefully you are planning an excellent new year's celebration, and hopefully you've got 2007 all planned out. (we do - we'll let you know the release schedule for the first 3 releases in '07 real soon).


well, it appears to be holiday time, y’all. hopefully the season is keeping you all smiling and spreading holiday cheer (or whatever you want to call it.) here are some updates – sorry for the delay in getting this information to you.

our good friends her candane have released another record, titled no battle, out now on tribunal records. recorded by kris krummet (fear before the march of flames, kaddisfly, anatomy of a ghost) at interlace audio. go buy the disc, it’s available at your finer record stores nationwide, and also available through lumberjack/mordam distribution.

don’t have the band’s sound vs silence debut ep yet? what’s wrong with you!? buy it from the end records or smartpunk.

her candane are currently working on writing new tracks this month, and they’ve booked a bunch of shows starting early next year – check out the tour dates page to see the shows with i am the ocean (featuring kellen dopp, formerly of her candane on vocals), love me destroyer, imperial, and trophy scars.

sound vs silence is super excited to announce the release of the debut record by the hotness, featuring lucky and a-dogg, 2 of the 3 guys that run this here label! the disc is called fashion over comfort, and it features the best damn drum-machine and casio riffs put to tape in the last few days, to say the least. check the tour dates for upcoming local shows, and look for reviews of the record in zines soon. the boys have just added a guitarist and a new keyboardist, and there is talk of a tour this summer. this is a great disc, it’s something like a blend of adam and his package and the blood brothers – but very minimalist and fun. seriously, you must see these dudes rock it live… check out some tracks on the band’s myspace page.

while you’re there, add your ass to our friend list too…twelve gauge valentine is still on tour! currently, they’re doing some dates with maylene and the sons of disaster, and they’re working on booking some more shows for 2007 as we speak. they’re supporting the new disc, shock value (solidstate) and they’re still selling our release, exclamationaire on the road as well. new tour dates added here, so make sure you make it a point to see these guys…they’re getting rave reviews. they’ve got some new posters and shirts for sale too. if you haven’t purchased the records yet, get a coupon for shock value from the band’s myspace page, and buy exclamationaire from the end records right now.

finally, we’re working on some deals right now. we should have some new additions to the svss family to tell you about before the end of the year. stay tuned, we’re dialing things back in so we can turn it waaaaaaay up real soon.



tomorrow: make sure you pick up the new twelve gauge valentine full-length at your local shop - it will be released by solid state tomorrow, october 3rd. the band continues to tour the country. look for them on the solidstate young bloods tour with the chariot next, then a tour with maylene and the sons of disaster.

we are almost done with svss number 6: the hotness "fashion over comfort" record has been at the pressing plant for a few weeks now, we're just fine-tuning the artwork. plan on the disc being available as early as a week or two from now...


the new twelve gauge valentine record (on solidstate) will be released on october 3rd. you gotta get it. we just caught up to the boys in 12gv yesterday - sounds like they've had some issues with dropping a tranny in minneapolis, and they're currently keeping the foot on the gas pedal to make it back to the tour that's in texas this week. hopefully, the van issues will be righted soon, and the tour will continue without issue. we'll keep you posted. also, we just printed up some new twelve gauge valentine posters...we'll show 'em to ya soon.

art of kanly is playing club vegas on monday - with a band called suplecs. see you there.


sadly, our boy a-dogg left the glorious salt lake city a few weeks ago and unfortunately he had to put his keyboard skills in the hotness to rest as well...the good news is this, however: sound vs silence is pleased to announce that we have set up shop in seattle, washington as well. now we've got two offices, so you have no reason to pass us by while you're on the road...
more news soon


twelve gauge valentine on tour: thanks a million to those who have made it out to see twelve gauge valentine on the band's recent tour. the boys are playing an all new collection of songs - most of which will be featured on the band's upcoming full-length on solid state. the disc is currently waiting to be mixed, and has a tentative release projected sometime this fall.

cornerstone 2006: for those of you planning the trip, twelve gauge valentine will be playing cornerstone festival. even better, they're playing there twice!! be sure you support the band and buy a new tshirt from them when you see them, and always pick up an extra copy of

exclamationaire: if you want it now, buy it from the end records.
you'll notice on the cornerstone site that they have a burnlounge store. so do we! we're ingesting our catalog into the store, and it should be there very soon. until then, check out some of our favorites.

congrats are in order! our boys billy johnson (formerly of her candane) and clayton "goose" west (also of her candane) have both made the move to denver, colorado. why? because they have joined an amazing band you've probably heard of: fear before the march of flames! see our boys playing in the new lineup on tour starting in july. excellent.
more soon. have a nice day.


twelve gauge valentine is in ogden tonight! go to the show, support the band, be ready for an amazing show.

also, thanks to the new scheme zine for adding the still breaking hearts disc to the subscription giveaways in issue #14.

check it out at www.thenewscheme.com.


thanks to the x-96 live&local crew for playin' art of kanly on the radio last week! more news soon...


twelve gauge valentine has posted some photos of the fancy apartment they're staying in while recording the new record - theres some studio and drum shots in there too. check the latest blog entry on the band's myspace site. very cool.

we've updated the tour section with some new shows for her candane and art of kanly.

if you don't own the still breaking hearts cd yet, buy it from smartpunk today.

you can buy the hi.fi massacre cd from smartpunk now as well. oh yeah, don't know if you heard, but jeff wells of the hi.fi massacre and currently her candane is spending some time in san bernadino county's lockup. as far as we know, he had a really bad night there a couple months ago. we'll let you know when we find out more. until he's released, billy johnson has returned to fill-in for him on guitar with her candane. (billy is on the her candane cd released by svss).

well, enough about that. keep listening...


just a friendly reminder:

you can buy the twelve gauge valentine record online at the end records and smartpunk right now. do it!

for those of you in salt lake city, you must make it to the show at the avalon theatre this thursday - art of kanly will be playing with boy sets fire. they'll have the new record there, and you should buy that too.


our hero danny vesper of quick & dead tells us today via email that he may finally be done recording the pending release for sound vs silence. yes, we have been talking about this for 2 years, and if you go listen to the svss 2004 compilation you'll hear a couple old tracks from the man himself. as soon as we determine the new track listing and release date we'll let you know what to expect.

danny has also joined up with the amazing band shelby. mr. vesper is playing bass, and dammnit these guys are good! we've added the shelby dates to our tour page, just so you won't be left out of the loop. shelby is on a label called gigantic music. go buy the record.


ok...as you might have noticed, art of kanly have joined the sound vs silence family recently. we are very proud to announce the release of the band's full length cd, titled "a callous heart beats on." street date for this record: may 16, 2006.

for those of you that just can't wait for may 16th, the aok cd will be available exclusively through us via mailorder starting today! we'll set up an order form on the site here this weekend, but until that time, please paypal $10 (this price includes shipping) to derik at his paypal account: derik@soundvssilence.com. just make a note that you're paying for the new art of kanly record, and we'll get one out to you asap!

we will be sending the disc out to distros this week, and be sure to ask your local shop about it - we'll gladly deal with them directly. thanks!

the almighty twelve gauge valentine head to los angeles this weekend to begin work on their upcoming full-length album for solidstate records, home to some other superb talent. (the chariot, norma jean, as cities burn, and a whole lot more!).

the band plans to tour the west coast and surrounding ares on the return trip home. we're all very excited about that, especially since we here at svss haven't even met these dudes in person yet. more info on that tour and the recording as it progesses.


tonight : go to brewskis in ogden and pick up the new full-length by art of kanly! we've got the advance copies available at the show tonight - the real thing will be available here next week, and everywhere else on may 16th. her candane and the middle distance will be playing tonight as well!


sound vs silence proudly announces the signing of salt lake city band art of kanly.
art of kanly features travis lindsey, formerly of still breaking hearts. he played guitar in sbh, and is the vocalist in aok. (svss-02).

art of kanly will be playing a show at brewski's in ogden, ut next friday night to unveil the new full-length album on sound vs silence - titled "a callous heart beats on." bring an extra $10 to pick up your copy of the 11 song album at this show.

official street date of this release: may 16th. for more info on the band, the cd, and the show, check back here often.

her candane are on tour, currenly playing shows with grace gale and fear before the march of flames, among others. look for them to play the cd release show with art of kanly next week. (see tour dates section for more).

another exciting item of note: twelve gauge valentine has signed with solidstate/tooth & nail for their next release! they are working out details and scheduling studio time right now...


ok...so it's nearing the end of february. time to get crackin'!

we've updated the shows/tours section: her candane are touring with lorene drive (lobster), coretta scott (rise), and stutterfly (maverick) in california this month. danny vesper's quick & dead project has a show in nyc in a few days.

twelve gauge valentine have 9 new songs finished and prepped for recording - the band plans to hit the studio in march to record their first full-length effort for a yet-to-be named label. more news on that as we get closer.

the hotness are recording a full-length cd with andy patterson this weekend in salt lake city.
finally, the boys of svss are meeting to finalize a deal with another band we love tonight - we'll give you more info on our new signings as the talks continue...


happy new year!

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