twelve gauge valentine have recorded 3 new songs during a tour stop in nashville! check out the new tracks on the band's my space page.

in other 12gv news, the band is featured on a new dvd relesed by full lock media. it's called "this ain't your mom's hardcore vol. 1." it will feature live footage of twelve gauge valentine, underoath, norma jean, the chariot, haste the day, and a ton more. look for it in the hot topic near you, or buy it from full lock media directly.

thanks goes out to kapil at full lock media - he is filming a music video for twelve gauge valentine tonight in georgia! rad!

in case we forgot to mention it, sound vs silence would like to point out the fact that we have some fine-tuned "industry ears"...our buddy joel pack (featured on our svss 2004 sampler) and his band broke have signed with maverick records. they've had the chance to tour with the used a few times this year, and they started recording the major-label debut yesterday! the record is being recorded at unknown studios owned by branden steinekert of the used. mr. steinekert will be producing it as well...we'd like to wish jp and the boys some luck and plenty of good times...somehow i doubt this record will be packaged in duct tape.


happy thanksgiving!!

we here at sound vs silence are thankful for a number of things this year...here is a brief list:
-yayyy snow!!
-our bands: twelve gauge valentine, her candane, art of kanly , danny vesper (quick and dead), still breaking hearts, the hotness, the hi fi massacre, and anyone else that's part of the family - did we really forget you? nahhh...it's just late and i've had one too many snow plow stouts...
smartpunk has added "exclamationaire" by twelve gauge valentine to their store - go here and start shopping! if you already have this record in your collection, be sure to pick one up for every one of your siblings, cousins, neighbors, and friends. you owe it to them...and we'd love you for it.
while you're on the smartpunk page, be sure to pick up her candane's "could be nothing to some " disc there as well.

twelve gauge valentine will continue to tour until the middle of december - unfortunately, the other bands that were to be on these shows have dropped off. no problem for you though, just go check out one of the best shows you'll see this year! remember, these guys are moving quick - you may not get a chance to see them in such an intimate setting again!

in other news, we have sent a check to our buddy danny vesper, who plans to release a quick and dead cdep early next year. he is finalizing two new tracks that he recorded at home last weekend, and will be sending the ep off for mastering very soon...we're using the same guy that mastered the interpol "antics" cd. the tracks will be taken from various sessions that mr. vesper has been recording throughout 2004 and 2005. as soon as we know the track listing and more info, we'll be happy to let you know. prepare yourself, this disc will be amazing!

thanks. more news soon...we're still recording the podcasts, and hopefully we'll have them up so you can listen!


we put some more dates on the tour dates page...

we're still trying to figure out how to put our podcast on the web for download...bear with us. the svss boys will be recording podcast number 2 tomorrow, and by the time we know what we're doing,there should be a few episodes for you to listen to.

releases that we're planning for early next year:

quick & dead cdep
art of kanly full-length cd


twelve gauge valentine is leaving town this thursday for a tour with blessed by a broken heart. keep checking the tour dates section for more info. the band has a ton of new merch for sale, so buy some at the show, or go here: twelve gauge valentine merch shop.

the boys of svss are working on some new goodies for your pleasure as well...merch, podcast, and new release schedule should be coming in the next few days.

we want to hear from you. send us email: info@soundvssilence.com


danny vesper has decided to call his new project quick and dead. he just recorded 3 new tracks in salt lake city a few weeks ago, and they are amazing. we are working out details for the first quick and dead cdep very soon, so keep checking back - we'll keep you posted as things progress.


it's official as of a few days ago...her candane have been released from their recording contract with united edge. what will happen to the new record, tentatively titled "no battle" you ask? good question. we'll keep you posted as things progress.

there are some new shows added to the tour section - check them out.

more news soon...it's been too long!


yes, everything you have heard is true. the twelve gauge valentine cd is available now! buy it online at the end records. 12gv is currently on the road. we'll update you on the current tour dates very soon. until we get them updated, check the band's my space site at myspace.com/twelvegaugevalentine.

in other news, her candane has just returned home from a 2 week jaunt that ended in salt lake city at the warped tour. it sounds like it was quite a hot sweaty jumbled mess, but as always - it was just how the band hoped it would be. the new her candane cd is scheduled to come out sometime in 2005 on united edge recordings...and we still need to hear to hear it!

kory quist, vocalist for the hi.fi massacre has joined his red letters after their vocalist matt parted...hrl is considering a name change now...look for them to play some dates in california and washinton state with twelve gauge valentine very soon.

finally, there is something very important you should all know about. the hotness. this band is the shit. check it out at the urban lounge on august 4th. seriously. i mean it. wow.


in less than a week svss hq will have the new cdep by twelve gauge valentine in our grubby little hands! we're setting up a new online order system that should be up by then, and we'll make sure the band has them to sell at cornerstone the weekend of july 3rd. if you are anywhere around chicago, get your ass over there next weekend!!!

also, her candane have a small tour planned in july. we'll post all the dates on this site soon. this is the tour featuring jeff from the hi.fi massacre on guitar!


it might be possible that you missed the unveiling of a new band lineup: the official version of i shot them played two shows last week. one in provo at muse music with parallax, and one in salt lake city at the circuit with clifton, gaza, and some other great bands.

i shot them is a project that features kory quist of the hi.fi massacre, dreu and goose from her candane, and jerry, sir, and parker formerly of boise, idaho. the band plays technical metal that throws those damn break-downs out the window almost all together. who needs to slow it down? look for more i shot them shows coming soon.

in other news, we just had a chance to visit the mixing session of the newest members of the svss family. we'll let you know what's coming as soon as we make it official.

oh yeah, and finally, kellen dopp (formerly of her candane) will be laying down bass tracks on 30 minutes of music his band illsolus just recorded with andy patterson as well...these guys are talking with a dude in san francisco about producing a recording this summer. more on that as we get the details. the current recording may just turn out to be a demo, or it might not. we don't know yet.


ladies and gentlemen...we are proud to say that the final revisions of the twelve gauge valentine artwork are in the works today, and then the pressing will happen. we'll let you know as soon as the band will have the discs on the current tour - this way you can buy a tshirt and a cd! we plan to have these things done before cornerstone no matter what...stay tuned for more info.
i shot them has announced their first 2 shows with the complete lineup - featuring 3 dudes from boise, idaho, along with dreu and goose of her candane, and kory of the hi.fi massacre. check out the tour dates section of this site for where you need to be in mid-june.

finally, sound vs silence is finishing the negotiation process with another amazing band - we can't wait to let you know what we're working on...keep checking back!


the amazing and almighty twelve gauge valentine have started their tour with society's finest, war of ages, and anam cara. check out the tourdates for more info.

we'll give you some more links to track them down later...


we just confirmed a show for our friends goodbye blue monday in salt lake city on july 3rd. check out the tour dates for more info.


sound vs silence number 4: svss-004 twelve gauge valentine 'exclamationaire' cd will officially hit the streets on july 12, 2005. the band will have it to sell on their current tour, as soon as the pressing is complete...the artwork is causing a tiny delay, but it will be well worth it! more info on this disc soon.

to get a taste of 12gv, check out the svss media player here on this site. (we've posted one track there for you).

kellen dopp and tion solace (formerly of her candane) are in counterpoint studios with master engineer andy patterson this week. the boys are recording demos for their trio, a band called illsolous. we'll give them a visit soon, and let you know how things are sounding.

finally, svss is working out details on another signing. info will be posted here as soon as we have more.

thanks again for your support.


sound vs silence proudly welcomes twelve gauge valentine to the family!

check the tour dates for their upcoming tour with society's finest, anam cara, and war of ages. we're putting the finishing touches on the band's debut ep, titled 'exclamationaire'.

more on the band and the upcoming record soon...stay tuned.


kellen dopp has decided to leave her candane. the band will be playing 2 more shows in utah with our boy kell. check out the tour dates for more info. kellen continues to work with his other projects...including but not limited to: illsolus, jim fear, and i am the ocean. stop by mo's neighborhood grill or lo-fi cafe and wish the boy well...he'll be helping with shows at both venues throughout the summer.

illsolus will be recording demos with andy patterson starting next monday, may 23rd. we'll keep you posted on how things turn out.


have you tried the svss media player yet? click in the bottom left corner of this page, and a fancy little box will pop up and give you a great stack of tunes. or, if that is way too complicated, click here.

also, danny vesper has started a new project called the quick & dead. he posted a lo-fi garage recording on his new myspace site. you should really check it out, it's got heart and a whole lotta everything else.


in an old news post, we mentioned a track called, "duh, giant scorpion" recently recorded by her candane. you should check it out on the band's myspace page: here. the upcoming record will be amazing, even if it doesn't say sound vs silence on the back.

a couple of us here at svss headquarters just got back from a week in new york city...we had a chance to kick back with danny vesper, and we are very excited about his upcoming album. don't worry - we really will release it soon! the track listing may change once more before it becomes official, but plan on this disc to be released this summer. danny has been spending some of his free time lately researching and writing a non-fiction book. we wish him the best of luck on that project, as it no doubt consumes countless hours.

in other news, the hi.fi massacre are still writing new tracks, and plan to hit the studio this winter. we're talking about a full-length for svss to be released in early 2006. they should be ready to play shows with thier new tunes and official line up very soon...we'll keep you posted.


hey there ladies and gents...got bunches of news for you. let's start with something you may already have heard something about:

the boys in her candane have decided to move on. sadly, sound vs silence will not get a chance to release their new full-length record (which sounds great, by the way). the band has signed with united edge records, and the record should be out this summer. we'll keep you up to date on their tour dates, and we will continue to make the debut cd, could be nothing to some available to all that must have it.

her candane will play one or two more shows in salt lake city and ogden, utah before they hit the road in june. tour dates will be posted here soon.


ok, so her candane have finished mixing a new track, titled "duh.giant scorpion" and it's amazing. the boys are breaking new ground, and we will post the track right here as soon as we master it.
something else you should know about: dreu and goose of her candane have joined forces with kory of hi.fi massacre and 3 dudes from boise to form i shot them. they just recorded and mixed a track for an upcoming sampler we're planning...more on that soon

we're in final negotiations with another amazing band...more on the new addition to our roster soon.
finally, tons of tour preparation is in the works. look for more news here...


we're working on a "good luck in the studio" show for the boys of her candane. plan on it happening on april 1st in salt lake city. it will be a fund raiser / well wisher kind of show - and it will be affordable. more info on this soon. (her candane will be recording their new full-length cd in oregon with kris crummet)


the track listing for the upcoming danny vesper full-length has been determined.

1. been goin' crazy
2. rheingold
3. daylight
4. party foul
5. gone
6. shift supervisor
7. new start
8. crazy luck
9. peace & quiet
10.aim to please

mastering, artwork, and then we have the release! we're still planning on releasing this record soon...or at least as soon as possible. stay tuned...danny is planning to start playing shows on the east coast. keep your eyes here for more info when it is available.


her candane are playing at club sound on february 23rd with emery, misery signals, and remembering never. buy tickets in advance here.


you've gotta check out a band called 12 gauge valentine. (more on these guys very soon)


it's february already? damn, where did january go?

we've got some updates for you...her candane have added a keyboard to the lineup. that's right, now they're a sextet...some of the members would say that they always have been i suppose. the band has been working exceptionally hard on the new demos and plan to record thier full-length cd with kris crummet in portland during the month of april. we're putting together some great shows for the trip out and back, including a few dates with as cities burn at the end of april. more on those dates as they confirm.

after a few member change-ups, the hi.fi massacre is a complete unit again. the boys are hunkered down in positively 4th street working up a brand new set. they'll unveil the strong, solid lineup at a special event we're planning for all y'all in the slc. more on that soon.

danny vesper continues to wait patiently for the slackers at svss hq to get his disc ready for release. we're inches away from having the album ready to go...plan on a release date in march.

finally, we're working on putting together tracks for our 2005/2006 sound vs silence compilation cd.

the bands we have confirmed so far are:

her candane
the hi.fi massacre
the art of kanly
danny vesper
twelve gauge valentine
still breaking hearts

if you would like to be considered for this comp, send us some music. the address is on every page of this website. thanks. talk to you soon.


happy 2005!

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