happy new year's eve!

a gigantic thanks to all that attended the show at the lo fi cafe last night. kellen (of her candane) played a great acoustic set, curis jensen read some of his poetry, the art of kanly rocked hard, and danny vesper played a few tracks from his upcoming full length. now you all know why we're so excited about this disc!

on another note, we are in the planning stages of the sound vs silence 2005 compilation cd. although we have a few bands that we know will be included, we are also on the lookout for others. please send all demos and recordings to us at the address on this site.

more excellent news after we party way too much tonight. in with the 05!!


the boys in national product were kind enough to mention how much they love her candane on their website. check out the nat'l product tour diary. they drop a fine little bit about hc in the october 8th entry. thanks guys!

also, the city weekly review of the still breaking hearts record is online. you can read it here.


the amazing joel hamilton of studio g brooklyn posted a nice little teaser about the danny vesper session from last week. here's what he said, "finished last night at 3am track and mix 3 songs in a day. recorded and mixed possibly the coolest sounding acoustic/vocal track i have ever recorded. sounds like csn, but totally modern and fully weird with multiple mic/multiple compressor setups that moves around in the stereo image depending on the note the guy is singing. seriously one of the best things i have ever figured out for something as simple as a guitar and singer. awesome."
joel currently plays in players club, used to play in shiner, and has worked with sparklehorse, frank black, and ludakris to name a few.


thanks to smother.net for the new review of the svss compilation! smother.net - music reviews, politics, contests, interviews, and more

there is a review of her candane's "could be nothing to some" there as well.


so you may have noticed that our media player isn't up yet...want to hear some music? try these links:

sound vs silence at myspace (there's some music here)

her candane at myspace (more music here)


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